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By the midth century, the circus freak show was about to come into its own. English businessman Tom Norman gave it an entrepreneurial spin when he gathered a troupe of people with physical abnormalities and became a freak show showman known as the "Silver King" for his ability to draw in customers. His show included Miss Norma, a woman born without arms or legs, as well as the "World's Ugliest Woman" [source: The University of Sheffield ].

Norman's American counterpart, P.

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Barnum, developed a similar idea by first setting up a museum stocked with oddities and by had become the mastermind behind a freak show that traveled with his circus, "P. Within a few years of P. Barnum's freak show addition, the concept became commonplace. It was typical to see physical oddities advertised as part of a traveling circus, an idea that remained popular until around World War II, when the prevailing sentiment shifted. Is the 'Lovely Assistant' the Real Magician? When did circuses start using freak shows?

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What's a pickled punk? How did tattoos become a sideshow feature? Never outgrew your love for colorful anthropomorphized horses?

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    • Dating site for attractive singles!
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