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The woman, who had come out of a bad marriage, had become a close confidante of major Handa, the officer, who is privy to the probe, said. The woman was aware that Handa was married and also knew about Dwivedi, though she had not met her. The woman was questioned by the police since she was the first person he had called after allegedly killing Dwivedi. Deputy commissioner of police West Vijay Kumar said the woman told them the accused expressed his anger after killing Dwivedi, whereas she did not say much, and also did not believe that he had killed someone.

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Meanwhile, the police said the accused had been misleading them even as he was being taken to Meerut to ascertain the places he had visited after committing the crime. Read Post a comment.

Things to know before dating someone in the Military !

Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I have always cherished my MilSpouse friends. In a way, making friends is kind of like dating. I realized that when my best MilSpouse friend sent me this blog post the other day, called "dating for Moms.

That post made me think about how I first started dating some of my MilSpouse friends. Just as we all have stories about the beginning dating stages with our spouses, we also have stories of our first dates with friends. So here is my version of dating for MilSpouses:. First base is a military-related function, either through your servicemember or a service offered through your local installation.

This could an FRG meeting before a deployment. Or a resume writing class at the family support center. I got to first base with several of my current friends at the two-week indoctrination class we were required to take upon arriving in Japan. I realized we were pretty good at first base, but I sensed she wanted more.

So I asked her out.

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The best way to act around military women is simply not any different. Be yourself and be respectful. Men dating a military woman shouldn't feel the need to act more masculine around her. Avoid talking about the politics of war. If you disapprove of any and all war, dating someone in the military is a recipe for disaster.

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Going out of your way to praise servicemen and women will sound like you are just trying to kiss up to her. In this case, however, avoid making overt statements of approval or disapproval with the military.

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The best way to behave naturally is to acknowledge something obvious to both of you, if needed. She is a female soldier. You are a civilian. This is a new and strange dynamic that has not been common in American culture thus far. If you would feel more at ease mentioning this up front, she will likely respect your honesty. For example, you might say something like: Accept this part of your relationship.

If your girlfriend is career military, long-distance dating may become a regular part of your relationship.

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You will have to make peace with her being away, and recognize her service to the country. If you love her, it is likely that her sacrifice is part of your attraction. Stick to normal hobbies. If you normally go out to bars, keep doing that. Since this may become a regular part of your relationship, creating stability between times she is here and away is important for both of you. It helps her imagine where you are day-to-day, and helps you cope with her absence.

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Send her phone cards. One of the best ways to wow your military girlfriend or wife is to make it easy for her to communicate with you and others. Call or video chat. Modern technology has made long-distance relationships much more bearable. Calling on the phone is the bare minimum, and video chat is better.

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Being able to see each other in your respective environments helps you picture each other.