His acting is getting better and better

Chanyeol gave his napkin to Nana Because Nana's cried. Nana had invited Chanyeol to eat sausage at shop.

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Chanyeol's phone have Orange Caramel's Song. Nana was asked to Baekhyun, So Chanyeol had told Nana before? Chanyeol and Nana are same style in Roommate.

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  • Chanyeol wearing the same clothes with Nana. Chanyeol wearing the same bracelet with Nana.

    Exo chanyeol dating rumors

    Chanyeol use same towel with Nana. Chanyeol drawing a heart on Nana's bag.


    Chanyeol cheered Nana and He said "Nana Nana!! This video about Chanyeol and Nana. You have way too much time on your hand.

    Exo chanyeol and nana dating food

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    Sign In Need an account? Netizens discuss after series of photos of exo chanyeol and red velvet joy netizens collect evidence of chanyeol and joy ga young are reportedly dating 3.

    Peaches and Cream

    Chanyeol and nana dating dating abroad: Rumor that chanyeol and eunji are dating i heard the rumor that another exo member was dating but it was going to be announced in summer into k-pop join. Sm confirmed the dating rumors in tiffany ahem clears throat well apparently according to dispatch kai is dating krystal chanyeol: On nana's birthday and tlp bangkok day 2 chanyeol upload a pic in his ig wearing kyungsoo mask we can see clearly his tattoo in that pic is different. Evidence suspicious of nana and chanyeol are indicating that these two people dating 1nana had followed chanyeol's instagram and nana liked chanyeol's video.